The essential accessories to avoid having your electric bike stolen

Not all cyclists, especially beginners, are safe from having their bikes stolen. Electric bikes are among the most sought-after by thieves.  However, there are a few simple tips and specific accessories that can be used to protect your electric bike from theft.

Theft and breakage insurance: prevention is better than cure

You can take out electric bicycle theft insurance for your electric bicycle. If your bike's motor only works when you pedal it, you won't need insurance, just like for a conventional bike.  Usually, home insurance covers bicycle theft, but this is not always the case. However, it is a legal requirement to insure electric bicycles, such as electric scooters, gyropods or other individual electric vehicles. Once you have taken out insurance, you will need to take a few precautions to discourage thieves from attacking your electric bike. If your bike is still stolen, report the theft to your bike insurance company as soon as possible and make sure you follow the procedures for this type of situation. 

The anti-theft device: the essential accessory for all good cyclists

To avoid having your bike stolen, even if you have taken out electric bike theft insurance, it is essential that you invest in an efficient anti-theft device.  To discourage thieves from committing their crimes, you should even buy two locks, but not just any model.  Always opt for solid products with European certification.  Once you have found good locks, make sure you also secure them properly.  Remember to use locks to secure the front wheel, the frame and the fixed support to which you will attach your electric bike.

Avoiding bike theft with a few simple rules

Sometimes, in addition to taking out electric bike theft insurance, a few precautions are enough to prevent your bike from being stolen. For example, you should choose a busy place to store your bike. This greatly limits theft temptations. When parking your bike, choose a place that is both fixed and solid to dissuade theft. This rule also applies to your home if you do not have a garage to store it in. If you can afford it, also consider investing in an alarm, which will increase the effectiveness of your anti-theft devices. Smart locks are also very popular with cyclists these days. With them, you can easily lock or unlock your bike from your smartphone.
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