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Bike Touring Paris at Night: A Unique Way to Experience the City’s Beauty

Looking to experience the city of love in a unique way? Why not try bike touring Paris at night? This is a great way to see the city’s landmarks and attractions lit up against the night sky. Bike tours typically…

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Visit the capital by bike: the right thing to discover Paris in a peculiar way

Paris is the capital of the French Republic. Known as a tourist city in France, it is renowned throughout the world. Every year, the capital receives more than 13 million tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is best…

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Bikes and holidays: no need to worry about bringing your own bike!

Holidays are an opportunity to visit famous places in Nice. Renting a bike makes it easier to visit them. A variety of bike-related transport options are available. Renting a bike in Nice offers several possibilities. Firstly, you can travel more…

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Cycling tourism: head for the Island of Ré!

With all the stress and fatigue of the daily grind, a few days off is a must. On the Atlantic coast, the island of Ré is a perfect destination to recharge your batteries. You can perfectly relax after enjoying a…

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Where to find Self-service bicycles in Paris?

Self-service bicycles, also known as Vélib’, is a system used to make bicycles available to the public, whether free or not. This system allows everyone to get around easily and avoid all kinds of burglary or theft. Many people use…

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How to rent a bike in Paris?

Riding a bike is a French speciality. A network of rental professionals and bike owners offer quality accessories and equipment: mountain bikes or VTCs or VAEs, child seats, panniers, and tandems. And for everyone’s pleasure, they offer special rental services….

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