Electric bicycles

Why buy an electric bike?

An electric bicycle is a conventional bicycle with a battery and a motor. The motor produces energy so that the cyclist can move forward effortlessly. When you start pedalling, the information is transmitted to the magnetic sensor. The sensor then…

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How much does an electric bike cost?

Nowadays, in many countries, more and more people like to use bicycles. In this regard, there are different types of bicycles. Among them are the classic bicycles as well as the electric bicycles that have been available for some years….

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Criteria for choosing an electric bike

Whether you’re commuting in the city or trekking in the countryside, you’re sure to find an electric bike that meets your expectations and needs. However, the choice of your bike must be made according to its use. Indeed, you have…

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The different ranges of electric bikes

Researchers have invented two-wheeled vehicles by following the technology. This is the electric bicycle. It is a pedal cycle equipped with an electric motor to start it. Several ranges of electric bikes are available, which have been created with elegance,…

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The essential accessories to avoid having your electric bike stolen

Not all cyclists, especially beginners, are safe from having their bikes stolen. Electric bikes are among the most sought-after by thieves.  However, there are a few simple tips and specific accessories that can be used to protect your electric bike…

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