Criteria for choosing an electric bike

Whether you're commuting in the city or trekking in the countryside, you're sure to find an electric bike that meets your expectations and needs. However, the choice of your bike must be made according to its use. Indeed, you have to be careful when choosing an electric bike.

A bike for regular use in town

For simple city use, you are invited to opt for an electrically assisted bicycle (EAB). This is because this model is more practical and comfortable for your journeys in town. In addition, an urban EAB is equipped with an ergonomic or energetic option, depending on your temperament. The Dutch or straight model remains the most practical for your daily work trips. It is worth noting that the battery of this electrically assisted bicycle generally has a power of 250 Wh. This is more than enough power for a daily ride of 20 km. However, if you are riding on sloping roads, you should consider choosing an electric bike with a minimum power rating of 500 Wh.

An electric bike for city and sport use

When doing sports, you should choose an electric bike that has certain major advantages such as braking power, resistance, practicality and ergonomics. For this, the electric mountain bike (eMTB) is the model you need. Indeed, the eMTB is specially set up to facilitate city travel and sporting or recreational adventures off the beaten track. At the same time, it offers more comfortable upholstery and a robustness that surpasses that of the Dutch bike. Moreover, it has a braking system that is suitable for extreme activities. To meet your needs, some models come with a luggage rack, pockets and even a lock.

An electric bike for trekking

There's nothing better than using a bike for your wilderness treks. However, you need to choose a model that is suitable for this type of activity. As a tip, electric mountain bikes or electric trekking bikes are the best options for many reasons. First of all, the electric trekking bike is an all-terrain bike but with a strong assistance. Its main advantage lies in its wheels, which are configured to defy most obstacles. In addition, its ergonomics make it the perfect mount for long-distance rides in the Alps. In short, the electric mountain bike is the perfect bike for trekking, but this model is less practical on the road.
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