Why buy an electric bike?

An electric bicycle is a conventional bicycle with a battery and a motor. The motor produces energy so that the cyclist can move forward effortlessly. When you start pedalling, the information is transmitted to the magnetic sensor. The sensor then transmits the information to the controller, which determines how much power the motor should produce. The energy to be transferred from this point onwards and its value depend on the type of assistance provided by the two wheels. But why buy an electric bike?

Buying an electric bike: it's good for your health

Like all bicycles, the electric model is also very suitable for physical exercise. Why? Because the level of assistance can be set, you need to provide more or less energy depending on your needs and your fitness. The benefits for the body are considerable. With each pedal revolution, many parts of the body are used, mainly the heart, the lungs and the muscles of the feet and legs. This explains why buying an electric bike and using it regularly can reduce the risk of cancer by 25%. In addition, cyclists are not bothered by traffic jams.

Buying an electric bike: to save money

Electric bikes are cheaper than cars, although they cost more than traditional bikes. In fact, if your city decides to encourage the use of this mode of transport, you may be eligible for a purchase subsidy. In addition, you don’t need to spend extra money to pay petrol, monthly insurance premiums, parking fees, etc. In short, the maintenance of electric bikes is much cheaper than the maintenance of a car. The cost of fuel to travel 1,000 kilometres is estimated at 85 euros. However, to travel the same distance, you need 1 euro of electricity with an electric bike. The difference is obvious.

Buying an electric bike: for a safer journey

Another advantage of buying an electric bike is the safety it offers compared to motorbikes. The risk of traffic accidents is lower than with a scooter. The fatality rate for cars is four times higher than for bikes. Please note that the regulations for riding this machine limit its speed. Most manufacturers ensure that the law is respected and that when the speed reaches 25km/h, the motor assistance stops automatically.
How much does an electric bike cost?
Criteria for choosing an electric bike

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