Short and urban journeys: what type of bike should you choose?

Currently, the government encourages the use of a bicycle to commute to work. There are many different types of bicycle available to meet the needs of cyclists. To get around easily, choose a comfortable and durable two-wheeler. Choose a comfortable…

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I want a bike for everyday use: how do I choose one?

More and more people are being attracted to the joys of cycling. However, this has become much more than just a leisure activity. Many people are choosing this means of transport for their daily commute. However, it is important to…

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How to choose a real mountain bike?

The bicycle is becoming a very practical means of transport, whether for daily or occasional use, a short trip or a long ride. The mountain bike is the most popular type of bike and is available in several models. It…

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The essential accessories for organising a cycling trip

To make your cycling experience a success, you need to have the equipment you need to survive. There are many suppliers online that offer complete kits for a cycling trip. You can customise your accessories to suit your needs. Bike…

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The 5 best apps for cyclists

The use of apps on mobile devices has become a necessity in the lifestyle of millions of people. They are mainly geared towards the useful needs of everyday life. And the world of sport has also developed its own applications….

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How do you maintain your bike on a daily basis?

In order to ensure the quality and care of your equipment on a daily basis, it is important to carry out reliable and efficient maintenance manoeuvres. Carrying out daily maintenance on your goods and equipment can effectively ensure that they…

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