Where to find Self-service bicycles in Paris?

Self-service bicycles, also known as Vélib', is a system used to make bicycles available to the public, whether free or not. This system allows everyone to get around easily and avoid all kinds of burglary or theft. Many people use bicycles for sport in order to maintain their physical appearance. In fact, the bicycle is one of the most used sports equipment by the French people as it doesn’t require much effort.

How it works

It depends on each city whether you have to take out a subscription or not, but the concept remains the same. You pick up a bike at one station and drop it off at another. So, to use a self-service bicycle, it is advisable to look for a station near your final destination. The bike does not belong to the user, so there is no risk of it being stolen. In the event of a problem or need for repair, the service provider will take care of it. This self-service bicycle is borrowed at a minimum cost. However, the cost of borrowing a bike depends on the quality of the bike that customers want. Click on this link for more information: HOLLAND BIKES Pick & Go system. It's difficult to understand how bike sharing or VLS works, as the price of the bike can be expensive, but this depends on the city. 

French VLS

This system is very successful in France. The number of people using VLS is constantly increasing and is now at a very high level. This is because the service has managed to win over the hearts of Parisians who admire its existence for making their life easier in the French capital. Given the evolution of the market, the number of companies working in the sector is constantly increasing. There are many different types of bike-share schemes such as V-Libre, V-plus, V-max. Users could also choose the colours of their choice. But each company has its own way of operating the VLS. 

Where to find VLS in Paris

It could be said that the use of bicycles is essential to achieve the objectives of fighting air pollution and preserving the environment. Self-service bicycles can be found, for example, at Bourdonnais-Tour Eiffel, Traversière Ledru Rollin, Rue d'Aboukir, etc. There are many other places in Paris where you can find self-service bicycles for hire. These places are already well known in Paris. 
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