How to choose a real mountain bike?

Published on : 26 April 20213 min reading time
The bicycle is becoming a very practical means of transport, whether for daily or occasional use, a short trip or a long ride. The mountain bike is the most popular type of bike and is available in several models. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choice given the large number of models on offer. However, there are a few criteria that you should consider before buying one, depending on its use. To know more on this topic, follow this guide.

The choice of materials

The materials used for the frame are a major factor in your choice of mountain bike. There are several types of frame material available. The steel frame, for example, offers you incomparable strength and remarkable flexibility, all at an affordable price. This tool is physically accessible to cyclists. There is also the aluminium frame, which has undergone a lot of progress today. The reduction in tube thicknesses allows for weight savings. You can choose between the 6061 type (lighter) or the 7005 (stronger). The carbon frame is more powerful, rigid and light. It is designed for cyclists. Finally, consider the titanium frame which is perfect for cross-country cycling. It is light and comfortable.

Wheel size

The variety of MTB or mountain bike wheel sizes can quickly get you stuck and lost in the choice. However, choosing the right wheel size is also one of the keys to success in your riding. The 26″ wheels offer great manoeuvrability, lightness, and a quicker start, but they are not comfortable with shocks and obstacles. They are therefore more suitable for junior bikes. The 27.5″ and 27.5+ are for you if you are looking for versatility, maximum stability and considerable traction. However, their performance is limited. The 29” offers you better stability and grip, but it is still heavier and less manoeuvrable. In short, the wheel size depends on your type of riding, the route and above all your habits. Thus, the weight, the performance and the grip are to be taken into account and must favour your choice.

The type of kinematics

As always, the kinematics of the mountain bike must be chosen according to your use. The full-suspension mountain bike is better suited to difficult or rougher terrain. It is therefore ideal for enduro, cross-country and marathon riding. The semi-rigid or hard trail mountain bike absorbs the shock of jumps. It is also easy to pedal and requires little maintenance. As for the downhill mountain bike, it is better suited to downhill riding as its name suggests. It is up to you to find the mountain bike that suits you best through this guide.

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