Short and urban journeys: what type of bike should you choose?

Published on : 26 April 20213 min reading time
Currently, the government encourages the use of a bicycle to commute to work. There are many different types of bicycle available to meet the needs of cyclists. To get around easily, choose a comfortable and durable two-wheeler.

Choose a comfortable bicycle

When travelling in large cities, using a city bike is a practical way to avoid traffic jams. Cycling allows you to benefit from a mileage allowance. To get around comfortably, choose the bicycle that meets your needs. For example, you can use a gooseneck bicycle. It gives you an upright position. With its low stance, you can easily see your sides. It helps you to keep a convenient eye on all traffic movements.

The use of a mountain bike or VTC is suitable for the current situation. It has manually adjustable gears. You won’t have any trouble riding up curvy lines. The presence of a luggage rack helps you to transport your belongings easily. If you have a long commute, a racing bike is more comfortable and faster.

Urban bikes: choosing between road and utility bikes

With a mechanical two-wheeler, you regularly do sport on your way to work. A road bike is still a practical way to add excitement and sportiness to your commute. For a quick trip, it is one of the best alternatives. If you are looking for something comfortable to ride, avoid this type of bike. Its strengths lie in its rigidity, speed and light weight. The use of a sporty urban bike becomes practical. Its major advantage lies in its design and weight. It offers a suitable comfort for regular trips.

Other bicycle models for urban travel

At present, riding a Gravel city bike is becoming a trend. Most of the time, this model contains a luggage rack and a mudguard. It is one of the most comfortable bikes available. Cyclists choose them because of their versatility, speed, responsiveness and progressive design. Compared to other types of bicycles, it is expensive. The use of an urban commuter bike is also practical for riding on the streets of large cities. It is known because of the diversity of its equipment; it has a dynamo, luggage rack, front and rear mudguard, etc. and its rims are often reinforced. This bike is classified as a two-wheeler and it is comfortable and robust.

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