The 5 best apps for cyclists

The use of apps on mobile devices has become a necessity in the lifestyle of millions of people. They are mainly geared towards the useful needs of everyday life. And the world of sport has also developed its own applications. For those of you who are cycling enthusiasts, what are the cycling apps that can be useful and necessary? Here is a ranking of the 5 most used apps in this field.

But first of all, what is a mobile application?

It is downloadable software that will be installed on a PDA, a smartphone, a digital player, a tablet, or even some mini-PCs running Windows Phone or Chrome OS and that will be executed by the operating system of the mobile (Android, iOS, etc.).

So, what is the point of having an app?

In fact, basic applications are installed on mobile devices. But each user can add specific apps according to their own needs. A marathon runner can install an app that tests his heart rate and the number of steps he has taken. A cook can use an app that provides a detailed list of recipes directly at the click of a small icon without having to do too much research. Apps for all fields of activity.

Top 5 apps for cyclists

Here is a list of the top 5 apps for cyclists, the most popular and most used of the moment: - Strava: one of the best-known applications; a complete application with mapped route data which allows you to compare your performance with other users of the app. - Gps bike computer: used with Google Maps providing statistics such as power meter and speed with gps receiver, average speed (cadence) or calorie counter. - GeoBike: users have the possibility to put reviews or shares on the routes of a journey (safety, gradient, type of road, etc.). The app can also provide alternative routes. - Here Wego: a very useful application in offline mode. It brings together several maps of several countries providing road networks or trails. It works in the same way as Google Maps, but without an internet connection. - Zwift: an application for exercise bike enthusiasts. It provides 3D cycle tracks. There are several applications that can be used for bike enthusiasts, whether for bike racers or mountain bikers, there are different choices for new and optimal experiences.
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