How to rent a bike in Paris?

Published on : 26 April 20213 min reading time
Riding a bike is a French speciality. A network of rental professionals and bike owners offer quality accessories and equipment: mountain bikes or VTCs or VAEs, child seats, panniers, and tandems. And for everyone’s pleasure, they offer special rental services. A bike can be made available to you after a prior reservation, which must be made with the rental company. In fact, it is not always necessary to buy a bike. You can hire one in Paris instead.

Renting a bike in Paris

In Paris, you can choose between several rental companies, such as Paris bike rental at The latter will deliver Dutch bikes anywhere in Paris. This service is intended for both professionals and individuals. Indeed, it is a fast way to travel on pedestrian roads. It is also complementary to other travel solutions. It is a healthier and more ecological alternative to your car.

Bike hire: how does it work?

 With the Paris bike hire service, you can ride a quality bike for the period of your choice. At the end of this period, all you have to do is return the bike. No more problems with the maintenance or loss of your equipment and the need to buy defective parts. Besides, you will no longer have to worry about changing or reselling the bike. As the name suggests, you are not the owner of the bike. You are simply a tenant. All you have to do is ride and the rental company will take care of the rest.

The main steps in hiring a bike

 Whether you do it online or offline, the first step is to choose the bike you want to rent. You need to select the equipment that best suits your needs and your route from the range available in the shop. Then choose the duration and the rental options. You can also subscribe to different packages depending on your budget and your wishes. Then, send us the documents required for the study of your file. Are you a private individual or a company, a tourist or an inhabitant of the city? Once your application has been accepted, payment generally begins when you receive your bike. You should know that during your rental period, a professional team remains at your disposal. They will accompany you in the use of your means of locomotion.

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